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Key fob system for entry doors

key fob system for entry doors

In present times, we are all in a need of security. Whether we are at home, business or anywhere security measures are of utmost importance. Safety and security is of paramount importance for the success of the business enterprise. One way to protect your building is to install a key fob system for entry doors.

One of the major benefits of a Key fob system for entry doors is the elimination of keys. With a traditional lock and key, you cannot control access to your building. With a key fob entry system you can create a time schedule for every key fob you give out, if you only want your employee to be able to enter the Building from 9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday that is the only time that key fob will work. If you have to fire an employee that was a key holder to your facility you would typically need to change all door locks to ensure they don't come back when the business closes, with a key fob system all you have to do is delete the key fob they had and it will no longer work.

Another benefit of an access control system is the audit trail it provides. With an Access system every key fob and proximity card is attached to the user, so whenever they enter the building it logs there name with a time stamp in the system. If for any reason you need to go back to see when someone entered the building you can do so by checking the log of the access system. There are multiple reasons for doing this, checking to see who entered the building after hours, cross reference the time and attendance, and many other uses.